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Our Shokz team unveiled their first open-ear headphones in 2011, beginning a quest to understand the magic of enjoying music while being able to hear your surroundings. Shokz quickly established itself as a leader in open-ear headphone products on a global scale thanks to our commitment to comprehending user needs and the creative use of bone conduction technology.
Millions of athletes and people who lead active lifestyles have been drawn to our ground-breaking open-ear headphones, which stand out from conventional in-ear and over-ear styles. Shokz has nine generations of bone conduction technology and more than eight hundred patents worldwide at this time.

How The Shokz Open-Ear Design Benefits You

Situational Awareness

Shokz's open-ear products allow you to stay aware of potential dangers like traffic, wildlife, and pedestrians, in contrast to conventional audio devices that drown out ambient noises.
All-Day Comfort

Shokz's signature open-ear design and lightweight titanium frame make them so comfortable that you'll forget you're wearing headphones, making them ideal for long periods of use.
Maintained Connection

Maintain interactions with those who are important to you, whether they are your running partners, colleagues, loved ones, or the world around you. Shokz helps you stay present and in the moment, so you can enjoy the sounds of nature while running outside or clearly hear a coworker's voice during an important conference call.
Secure and Stable

Shokz headphones provide stability for any activity. Unlike other headphones that can become dislodged while in use, our wraparound titanium frame provides a comfortable and secure fit, ensuring that your headphones stay in place even during the most intense workouts.